Independent Music

House Music, Deep House & EDM



Jason Still

Producer & Re-mixer. 

I started producing dance music over 20 years ago with a Commodore Amiga and OctaMed/Protracker and as the technology became cheaper I learnt to use each type, all with a budget. I can still remember the first VSTI which came with Cubase (bass player) and that’s when it all changed. I have had PCs and Cubase for over 15 years, currently on Cubase 8 it`s a great program and i know it like the back of my hand.

I have worked with a lot of labels over the years and produced, wrote 1000s of tracks most of which are some where on the internet, all of which where great experiences and very enjoyable.

This website is a new venture and it will develop over time, i`m hopeful of including more artist in the future. All the tracks on the site are exclusive and not available on any music selling website/store.

If you have any feedback or questions then drop me a line.

Thank You and I hope your enjoy the music as much as I did creating it.

All the best