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On this video I discuss the necessity to have a neighborhood place to observe your pictures. Discovering that spot can help you fail extra and experiment understanding you’ll be able to simply come again. You’ll be able to scout nice locations and compositions. It’s going to rework your pictures. Oh – and Pebbles comes alongside!

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  1. it's weird how so many people are commenting on the "360". I didn't even notice, and definately didn't get motion sickness.
    EDIT now I understand why the comments, I got to the end. it's good imho I like to see where you are

  2. Love this video (the 360 made me a bit dizzy though). I really want to do more in my local area; I like the idea that I can get out quickly when interesting weather is coming past. I found a local spot near my place this year and it has everything I need for doing some practice; woodland (Eucalyptus trees), really interesting flora, river with a small waterfall, open grassland, rocky outcrops and cliffs. Plus hardly anyone visits because it’s not within easy reach, so I can explore in peace. If it were within distance, I’d make it part of my daily run so I could scout new spots more often. You’ve made me excited about getting to know my new local better!

  3. Couldn't agree more about having a local place! Mine is a park with a huge nature walk in the back. I take nature photos, and there's shady woods, flowers, leaves, a bunch of different animals and insects, streams, big open areas. There's so many opportunities to practice. It's perfect for relaxing photography days because I'm not distracted by the excitement of exploring a new place.

    The more I go the better my photos get and the more I learn about how different conditions affect my photos. I can recognize a certain shade of green now that tells me the light is super harsh and I'm not going to like the outcome, because I've taken enough photos in that light to know I'm going to be super frustrated once I get them in Lightroom. What a weirdly specific revelation that was.

  4. I am a bit behind your schedule….😅 The 360 Camera view is nice if the quality improves. For now the quality doesn't match yours IMHO. Thanks for this video Nigel.👍

  5. I find this logic to be true in my photography, though I have tended to do more wildlife photography recently the idea is still the same. I visit Harris National Neck Wildlife Refuge in southeast Georgia (USA) and found that the familiarity with the land and surroundings to be more helpful in what I do and photograph. During the process it has also allowed me to work on my landscape photography as I am finding new places.

  6. Composition at 10:50 is great, even without bluebells…With respect to the 360 camera, I think its a good concept for lone Vloggers and like other commentators have said, the next version will hopefully be better. Maybe Pebbles has watched the Detectorists recently and is searching for buried treasure…

  7. I think the effect of the 360 cam is great but honestly, it made me lose focus on what your were saying… which would be no problem on almost any other YouTube videos but on yours, the content does really matter! Just saying 🙂

  8. Loved the video. Really didn’t like the 360. I noticed it within seconds and thought to myself “I hope this isn’t permanent”. I’m glad you asked for comments on it.

  9. My take on the 360 is you should experiment a little more as the potential is so great for it. As for the application in this specific video I found it distracting and I was focusing on the shot instead of what you were saying.

  10. Too often you are on a prime location, and there is some technical problem to deal with because of some inadequate preparation.  Visiting your own beaten path with your camera often is a good way to find and imbed answers to these little problems, so that if you trek to a new location, you are soooo ready.  At that point, your attention is just on composition.  It makes you more ready.

  11. I like the 360 yes quality not fantastic but gives a good sense of where you are a nice to have something a little different in the right circumstances would be really great.

  12. Hi Nigel. This was a good reminder for me to study my local area as the Provincial park right across the road from me is stunning and so accessible, thanks for that. I like the 360 as it gave a sense of being at the location with you two. Always great to see Pebbles, such a lovely dog. Thanks for sharing, and Cheers from BC!

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