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At this time I am bringing you an trustworthy chat about failure, and why it’s so vital for you with the intention to succeed.
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  1. Do you find yourself becoming body conscious or do you find yourself being critical of your appearance the more you work with this absolutely gorgeous models? Do you ever feel like your being treated badly, intimidated or being made fun of by models in any way? (Making fun of your style or your way of running a shoot, for example)

  2. Have you tried freelance models? I'd love to work with you, as I'm sure many other models would, but we're not in an agency. Many photographers should know about us, we exist and we can help fill in the blanks.

  3. Thank you so much Anita for such a sincere and inspiring talk. I have been following your work & YouTube for 9 months and with each and every video you have gave me so much motivation and learning content. Truly grateful to all the information you’re sharing on your channels. Xx

  4. Thank you so much for uploading this. It's nice to hear that even a photographer who seems so accomplished like you still feels these types of issues. Although agencies are usually happy to give me models to test with, I've never gotten paid for this type of work. So I have to ask, do you get paid for tests when you approach an agency? If not, what are the appeals of continuing to do them?

  5. HI Anita, lately I've been driving and listening to your videos on repeat. Basically trying to digest the thoughtfulness of your post and this one hit me hard in my core. Most recently, it's been challenging for me Personally, Professionally and Financially. The thought of quitting has crossed my mind but I can't give in because I think I can make this a real business. Last year I reached out to all my local agencies in my area and got zero responses. So I said f*% ^ it and kept setting up my own shoots. Luckily I was able to get a few of their models to work with me via Instagram. Your videos helped me recruit a stylist that helps me book inquiries I get from IG and a fellow studio renter liked my work enough to offer his experience in graphic design and set building to help me with my marketing in exchange of being my assistant. I'm working on a marketing plan to target boutiques and small business that need content creation for new arrivals. My hope is to focus on getting 100 pieces of marketing material and go B2B offering my services. I hope my salesmanship can be used to actually build my business instead of just servicing my current employer. But the *ish you go through at your level helped me understand better the levels to this industry. If you started a Patreon I would subscribe because out of all the photography youtubers your the most real and you actually provide real value and your our self-reflection helps me to verbalize my frustrations but you give us solutions. Everyone one else wants to give us a new golden hour bush to shoot, or some other random filler video. Will we're out here struggling to find paying clients that aren't trying to low ball us every chance they get and pay our bills on time while trying to fund new projects. That's why you're so valuable to me because you talk about the things that matter and help us get through it. So thank you for all you've given.

  6. Loved it! You have a very soothing voice. You should do a podcast of these or something. Or just keep making them on youtube and I'll rip the audio to listen to at work. Either way.

  7. London is a big dirty shit hole! Where living is too expensive and quantity counts not quality.People eat shit to pay rent and bills.Agencies will not offer you jobs because you are too good and they don’t wan’t to pay for quality! They will always find naive people to do cheap work or even for free,without saying one word.You travel a lot so you have very good overview.I wish I was born 30 years earlier and get respect for what you do no matter bus driver or photographer.Social media should be banned for ever!!!.I miss 80’s and 90’s.

  8. Wow, you hit the nail on the head. Most folks don't know how to deal with failure. Being in the military most of my life, I learned how to deal with failure, but most of all I learned how to pick myself up after I failed at a task. I really enjoy photography, been in it for almost seven years now. This year I opened up and I'm trying to take my art to another level, I know how you feel. It's hard to stay motivated when so many folks out here are trying to bring you down. So I thank you for this video.

  9. I can relate so much to what happens to you when dealing with the agencies. At this point I even feel somehow excited when I get a rejection from an agency, brand, designer, etc. If they at least took the time to reply back, in my mind it shows some sort of respect to me and my work. Just gives me hopes to jump to the next one and stay positive

  10. Thank you Anita, your talk reminded me of this passage from 'The War of Art' by Steven Pressfield:

    "The professional cannot take rejection personally because to do so reinforces Resistance. Editors are not the enemy; critics are not the enemy. Resistance is the enemy. The battle is inside our own heads. We cannot let external criticism, even if it's true, fortify our internal foe. That foe is strong enough already."

  11. Really appreciate your openness Anita✌️ I feel for you and all professional photographers who rely on photography for a living. What we need is another magnum modern day version a collective of professional photographers where we can push each other to higher standard and look out for each other and help each other get (Work) produce higher quality work and charge accordingly.🙏✌️👍

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