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Take STRONGER Photos through MINIMALIST Photography


Minimalist Images Tricks to take robust images. Images composition tricks to take higher images. Suggestions that apply to portrait pictures, panorama, road and life-style pictures.
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  1. This was a very interesting episode. Immediately checked out Ivana's feed and fell in love with the style. The only downside is, now I need to buy the 55-210mm for my a6300 ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Out of all the photography channels, I love yours the most. Youโ€™re so damn enthusiastic, hilarious, motivated and positive. Thank you for being whom you are: true and honest and I am so glad to learn from you. Hopefully I can perfect my skills just as good as yours! My instagram @hanakophotography

  3. I totally love your videos! you r amazing bro…… hope you'll get more fans and viewers โœจ Wishing all the best buddy…..and @ivanacook u r awesom….fantastic job both of u……

  4. In journalism school, a professor always stressed that you should always move a step closer before taking a photo, his point being it was better and more visually appealing for news photos to get closer. You and her mention getting close in this video. But, and this is a broader question and not just about minimalism, how do you prefer getting close with your camera? What about shooting with a wide angle lens and cropping, which is she what Ivana says she does? Is that better than shooting with say a 50mm?

  5. I love minimalism. It's a philosophy on its own, and an adventure as well; Something about it that keeps the mind buzzing, quiet, and alert in the same time. I think minimalism is quite related to "contemplative photography" (which is not a branch of photography but a method to use the camera). There is a book that might be interested for people reading this comment, I'll leave the link below. Unfortunately though, for such an art, I think you really have to look for a specific audience in this contest-oriented world. You need some audience that REALLY feels your work (specially if you are planning on selling prints and fine art). Most of my simplistic shots like that have been rolled out of contests.
    Here is the book: (and gotta say, it is related to meditation, and practicing Zen if you like)

  6. You guys were talking about rule of thirds and this is why I'm asking if you could make a video about different composition techniques to make photos more interesting? That's a dope location btw. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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