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Testing out Nikon's NEW EYE Autofocus feature!


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On this video, I take a look at out the brand new Nikon Z6/Z7 firmware eye AF coming from a Sony consumer’s perspective.

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  1. That's was so American: "yeah, be careful with the bugs!" "you wanna sit down and play with my phone?" dude, that kid is outside, let it eat dirt and play.

  2. More Z series reviews! Great stuff. It's a tricky time for Nikon lovers, since Z is ahead of Sony in some ways (and the WIDE Nikon lens opening bodes well long term) but as you say, the AF in motion is still a work in progress. I can't wait to be able to justify a Z6/7 with that spectacular 24-70mm S (and the 105mm f/1.4 even if adapted).

  3. Hi Manny, first of all thanks for all the great content. I'm someone who is trying to take my photography to a professional level. I have the z6 and the nikkor 105 1.4 e same setup as you. My question is how good is the nikkor 105 1.4e holding up. Is it a good buy?. This is the first expensive lense I have bought. Hope you can answer my question before my return window expires. Thanks.

  4. Between 6:30 and 6:50 marks you said- I can record the evf..I can record the viewfinder while still using the viewfinder..On sony it is disabled..i have to look at the monitor. Why do u mean? How is it possible that evf is not working on a mirrorless. I can understand that viewfinder doesn't work on a DSLR in video-mode. But u are talking about photography here. I can't understand this. I am a newcomer and I have never used a mirrorless camera. I sold my 600d and now looking forward to buy either Sony or Nikon

  5. I hope they work on this camera,because Nikon could have had a hit.Aside from the obvious missteps they made and the recall,if they had waited another couple of months,they would have done better.Let's get a Z6/7 professional series,with no crop,two card slots,better AF,better battery,and fix the IBIS,so no more recalls…MANNY AS USUAL KEEPS IT SIMPLE AND DIRECT…

  6. Hi there Manny, thanks for the review! You mentioned the autofocus could be glitchy at times. Are you aware that Nikon have had to recall some of the Z6/Z7s due to problems with the cameras in-body image stabilisation? If you go onto Nikons website you can type in your cameras serial number, and the site will tell you if that particular camera needs to be recalled for repair, free of charge. Nikon also had similar problems with the D750.

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